We now have 19 cabins on our 240 km2 territory. They are generally far away from each other to ensure tranquility and and a change of scene. We have boat on 65 lakes, you can fish for walleye, bass, lake trout, brook trout, perch and pike… You first have to present to the reception centre, in the village of St-Michel-des-Saints before you leave the beaten track and get on a gravel road for the start your adventure! Most cabins are accessible in normal cars, but if your vehicle can handle more difficult roads, you will have access to more lakes, cabins and mountains. Be well prepared and bring everything you need as once in the forest, it won’t be possible to buy what you’re missing, except if you are willing to do the one hour and more round trip to the village.

stituated at

  • 170km from Montreal or
  • 300km from Quebec

the Pourvoirie du Milieu is a member of Québec Outfitters Federation

*** If you are planning to arrive after 17h, please advise us as we need to take special disposition to welcome you.***

passerelle lac laviolette

Word from the managing director

After 5 years of hard work to bring back our outfitter to the state we had envisioned, we can finally say: mission accomplished!

It is difficult to sum up all the roads re-opened, the cabins renovated, moved or built anew, the porterage tracks cleared, the fish inventories and seeding, the spawning grounds improvement, but let me tell you about the realizations that make me proud.

  1. rehabilitation of water bodies

10% of our income is dedicated to the purchase of fishes of different forms: mature fish, walleye alevins, young trouts, splake, etc. There is now a huge difference when comparing with the state of neglect from before our arrival. Lakes Pépin, Berthe and Zéro are good examples of this change. We will permit trout fishing in lakes Luc, de l’Oeil and Louise, where 2-4 pounds fishes will give you strong emotions! In lake Goose and de l’Oeil, we witnessed a magnificent show this fall, during spawning: in clear water, fishes of 2 pounds and more were swiming in circle, sweeping up the bottom to deposit eggs and semen. This view has warmed me up and rewarded more than many fishing days.

Some inaccessible lakes have become reachable to the most sportive of you. I’m talking about lake Kawasatsiwok, Annick, and Diane, which have become the recompense of those willing to walk to find a preserved spot with wild fishes.

Another of our accomplishments is the reintroduction of walleye in some lakes where it was originally present. They are not yet abundant, but we are starting to fish walleye in lake Murray, our largest lake. In the last four years, we have seeded thousands of alevins, and with new regulations, this lake should  become the first choice for walleye enthusiasts within a few years.

Lake Doride only gave around 20 trouts a year; large ones perhaps, but rare. It was taken in hands: killed to start anew, cut from other fish population by a waterfall created with dynamite, re-equipped with spawning grounds and seeded with indigenous trouts. It will most certainly be the star of all our lakes in 2015.

Other lakes have been seeded with mature trouts which have prospered and reproduced, as in lake Ducharme, Punch and Judy. In others like Marcil, Goose, Malfait, André and Potasse, splake has prospered.

There is so much to discover on our Outfitter that it must be frustrating to spend only two days!

2-  Accomodation

When I took this outfitter in hand, there is not one cabin in which I would have brought my wife for a weekend! Today, we have 19 cabins that can welcome from 2 t0 17 people with showers, hot water, access roads, quays. I won’t say much about that, but invite you to consult the pictures, which are worth a thousands words. You will feel in another world, still rustic, or even wild, but always welcoming.

Of course, we are in the middle of the woods, the fight against rodents is a constant struggle, the decoration is minimal, the cleaning not absolutely perfect (solar power does not allow the use of a hover), but we are still able to offer a most acceptable comfort for the sportspeople that we are expecting.

This year has seen the refection of “le chalet des sables”. It was with a certain sadness that we dismantled this testimony of the beginning of the “Club” built in the 1930′s. Of course, it logs smoothed by the years still have a certain appeal, but we have discovered that the wood is gnawed by worms, producing a wood powder that makes cleaning impossible, and pinpoint to a short term decay. In addition, this construction cannot be insulated against the cold, which makes it impossible to keep warm in fall and in the first weeks of spring. The emplacement of this cabin being very pleasant, we built a new cabin at the same location, a bit larger, but still only on one floor to make it accessible for wheelchairs and other handicapped people.

3-  Accessibility

The accessibility is always a major preoccupation for an outfitter. It is strange to listen to comments about the state of our roads. For some, we have a very good network of roads, while other who used the same paths found it terrible. We can see by this that we are not too far away from town! It is an important load for a small business like ours to maintain those roads: we have no subsidies and we cannot claim fees from visitors to maintain around 150km of roads accessible for all. Last year, we spent 5000$ to repair 3km of road, in addition to many weeks of grater, mechanical digger, etc. It’s wonderful to have such a large territory, but it’s a lot of work!!!

In conclusion, I would like to express the pleasure that my team and myself have to share with you this environment that we love and that we want to protect.

I think that only few places in the world remain where it is possible to remain so close to nature, alone in a comfortable cabin on a lake, away from all that create stress. The world of our outfitter as we perceive it my team and myself is the opposite of mass tourism. It is in isolation, getting closer to people we love, it is  a return to the roots of humanity, when men were natural predators in the natural cycle of life.

It is important to us that this continues, and we hope that you will be numerous to follow us.

Thank you