Named after the Osprey, this is our largest log cabin. It was built in 2009.

It is located on a spit of land between the large lake Beaulieu and the Lake Laviolette, very close to a beautiful beach. It is our most luxurious chalet. It includes:

  • 3 closed bedroom with double and single beds
  • 1 large living-room kitchen with a slow-burning wood stove
  • 2 futon in the living-room
  • A 6.7 square feet fridge and a 1.1 foot square freezer
  • A gas stove with oven
  • A complete bathroom with bath and shower
  • Hot water
  • Gas and electric lighting
  • BBQ

For 6-10 people, 25km away from the village


$100/pers/night for the first 6 persons, $75 for the others

minimum of 2 days and 6 persons.

Solar panels for the water pump and lighting. You cannot plug any electrical appliance in the electrical outlets.


*In lakes Laviolette and Grand Beaulieu you may fish Northern Pike, Bass,  Lake Trout and even a Landlock Salmon if you are lucky. Brook trout is found in the surrounding mountain lakes and rivers (accessible by foot or vehicle depending on the lakes) There are two Northern Pike lakes in that area, but you must release them back in the water. The River Laviolette and du Milieu are best for Bass, Yellow Perch and a few Northern Pike.