The Claire Fontaine

Magnificent log cabin build in the 30’s, renovated in located in remote preserved  It a natural environment. Situated in the south of Lake Laviolette, it is only accessible by quad bike or by boat (4 minutes), although you can also walk there. Since fall 2009, a footbridge make it more accessible by foot. It offers:

  • A complete bathroom;
  • Hot water;
  • Gas and electric lights;
  • Two closed bedrooms with double beds;
  • 1 mezzanine with 3 single beds;
  • an open living-room kitchen;
  • gas fridge (6.7 sq ft with 1.1 sq ft freezer);
  • gas cooker with oven;
  • wood-burning stove;
  • BBQ.


For 4-6 people


  • Price

$100/person/day for the first 4 persons, 75$ for the others

Minimum of 4 people, two days