Des Sables

New cabin, now wheelchair accessible!

Access ramps to the cabin and boats; bathroom and bedroom adapted to wheelchair.

It includes

  • 3 bedrooms (2 double bed and 5 singles bed per room)
  • Large dining room
  • small kitchen half closed with gas fridge and gas cooker
  • Small sand beach in front of the cabin
  • Stunning view

Solar panels for the water pump and lighting. You cannot plug any electrical appliance in the electrical outlets.

Situated at 24 km from St-Michel-des-Saints, it can host a maximum of 8 personnes.

100$/nuit/pers for the first 6 persons, 75$ for the others. Minimum of 6 persons.

*In Lake Laviolette you may fish walleye, Northern Pike, Bass, Lake Trout and even a Landlock Salmon if you are lucky. You might found Brook Trout in the rivers and lakes in the surrounding mountains (accessible by foot or in vehicle). In that area, there are 2 lakes with Northern Pike, but you must release them back in the water. Ther River Laviolette and du Milieu are good for Bass, Northern Pike and Yellow Perch. It is now possible to fish Landlock Salmon in both of them.

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