The Elf Lodge

A magnificient site facing a  beach on Lake Broquerie. This cabin can accommodate 6-9 people and it is possible to hunt, fish or harvest local berries.

50km away from St-Michel-des-Sts

It includes

  • A complete bathroom with shower, toilet and hot water;
  • A large kitchen living-room;
  • Two bedrooms with 1 double bed and 1 single bed in each;
  • A Mezzanine with 3 single beds;
  • A porch protected by mosquito nets in which is found a small fridge;
  • Gas and electric lighting;
  • Gas hotplate (no oven)
  • BBQ
  •  6.7 sq ft fridge with a 1.1 sq ft freezer
  • three boats
  • Price:

$100/person/night (including fishing fees)* for the first 6 persons, 75$ for the others
*A minimum of 6 persons for 2 days is required

Solar panels for the water pump and lighting. You cannot plug any electrical appliance in the electrical outlets.

* In lake Broquerie Northern Pike and Lake Trout are the most abundant. A 15 min  ride will bring you to Brook Trout lakes or Lake Du Diable for Walleye.



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