Weekdays special:
From Sunday afternoon to Friday morning, pay only four days!

From Mai to November,the office is open daily from 9am to 5pm, except Saturdays: 8am-12pm.

During the low season (November to Mai) the office is open on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, from 9h30 to 1h30 Pm. Leave a message and we will call you back.

This January, we are open Monday to Friday, from 9h30 to 14h30

Services offered and prices before tax for the year 2014:

Fishing with accommodation:

From $80/day/person (min of 2 people) depending on the cabin (see Rates table)
Include fishing rights, boats and accommodation
2 days reservation minimum

Motor rental for boats:

Please note that you must transport yourself the motor from the office to your cabin in your vehicle.
Gas is not included; we lend you a 10L gas can that you fill yourself and that you must return empty at the end of your stay (you can empty its contents in your vehicle).
$30/day for a 2.5 force motor
$35/day for a 4 force motor

Fishing per day:

Brook trout only

$60 per person. We do not rent motor for day fishing, so you can bring your own or use the paddles (coming with the boat)

 Vacation only:

We offer some chalets and cabins to rent without fishing rights  (see  Vacation Rates)

Available from July to September only

 Family rates or extended stay rates are possible


Small game hunting and fishing rate, autumn:
(With accommodation)

Same prices as fishing with accommodation (see Rates table)
A minimum of 2 people and 2 days is required
Please note that you can keep and bring home only one kind of catch (fishes OR game, the other one has to be eaten on the spot).

Small game hunting (Day only):
$60/person/day in the south of the outfitter (approximately 15km2)


Hunting and fishing accommodation rate in fall

The same prices as fishing with accommodation apply (see Rates table). A minimum of 2 people for 2 days are required.

Please note that you can only bring back one of the two quotas (ex: 10 grouse or 10 trouts). You must eat the remaining quota while still on site.


Bear hunting with fishing:

Sunday afternoon to Friday morning: $600/person

Moose hunting with accommodation on an exclusive territory (boat included):

Male Moose only (with a minimum of 10cm antlers)
3 people: $800/person/stay for 1 week (1 beast per party)
4 people: $650/person/stay for 1 week (1 beast per party)